High quality fairly priced captive design, formation and management services.
Email our managing director for immediate help: tom@captiveexperts.com
Superior Captive Design, Formation and Management Services
For a free cost estimate to form and operate a captive, simply email tom@captiveexperts.com.  All your information will be kept strictly confidential. Initial consultations are always free. The basic information needed to complete a preliminary design analysis can be found on our online client questionnaire by clicking here.

We have helped hundreds of privately held businesses and can quickly help you design and form the most cost effective custom captive solution for your enterprise risk concerns.

Our managing director has unique depth of experience including: authoring many published captive insurance books and articles (click here) while working with the executive teams of several top 10 captive management firms. He also spoke on comparative domiciles at the first international industry conference, and received a prestigious industry award for his contributions. 

If you already have a captive, you should consider, before renewing existing management contracts, a strategic review to help you improve your captive programs.

Caution: Saving taxes cannot be your primary purpose for forming a captive. It is very important that your primary business purpose for a captive solution is to improve risk management and risk finance, and that you follow best practive standards when designing, forming and operating your captive insurance company. The IRS dislikes micro-captives due to the substantial tax incentives afforded small insurance companies. In recent years the IRS has increased the reporting requirements for 831(b) electing captives. Nevertheless the IRS has previously admitted captives are legitimate tax favored risk management vehicles when done right - click here to read a well written article on point. For another article written by two leading captive insurance tax lawyers discussing 831(b) captives, click here.  This area continues evolving so it is important you consult and work with seasoned professionals.

Disclaimer: Content herein is general in nature, and provided for informational purposes only; it may be dated due to the rapid changes always occurring in this industry. 
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